Growing up in the Sham Valley of Ladakh during the onset of rapid socio-cultural and economic changes in Ladakh, we observed our loved ones struggle to make a living from agriculture. For a region ingrained in subsistence farming, this change felt too fast to catch up with. Years passed and the situation of Ladakhi farmers kept deteriorating. This led to the need for Ladakh Orchards: a dedicated platform to take pride in our agricultural traditions and help our farmers take their produce within and beyond the mighty Himalayas for reliable income and better livelihood.

What went wrong?

Ladakh: A landlocked region nestled between the mighty Himalayas which remained secluded from the rest of the world for a long time, has become a world-renowned travel destination owing to its majestic mountains, blue waters, picturesque landscapes, and rich cultural heritage. Globalization, modernization and mass tourism slowly pushed Ladakh from being a completely self-sustaining region to one with an increasing dependency on avenues beyond agriculture for survival. Farmers now face a lack of incentives for production and an organized marketing system, and the younger generation is moving out of the region in search of other income opportunities.

Each region of Ladakh is special in its own way. The Changthang Valley in the East is known for its pashmina; the Nubra Valley in the North, for its flowers; the Zanskar Valley in the South, for its dairy; and the Sham and the Aryan Valleys in the West stands out as the agricultural belt of Ladakh for its superior quality agricultural produce. With Ladakh Orchards, we can make make this belt the premium fruits and nuts basket of India.


Ladakh Orchards is a social enterprise to promote agricultural practices and products of Ladakh, in the remote roof of the Indian Himalayas. 



To be the leading platform for the farming community of Ladakh, the top destination for the global market for premium Ladakhi agri products at reasonable prices, and a pioneer in experiential Ladakhi agri travel and learning


To restore Ladakhi agriculture to its former glory by championing traditional agricultural practices, thus elevating Ladakh as an exemplar of sustainable organic farming.


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Communal · Sustainable

Agriculture in Ladakh


Ladakh is a high altitude desert region located in the northernmost part of India. Agriculture has been a significant part of Ladakhi culture and economy for centuries. The region has a unique traditional agricultural system, which is well adapted to its extreme weather conditions and limited resources. 

The traditional agriculture system in Ladakh was primarily based on the principles of sustainability, self-sufficiency and cooperation. Farmers relied on crop rotations, animal husbandry, and organic manure, compost and fertilizers. As such, organic farming is native to Ladakh and has a rich history of organic farming—far before the advent of modern farming methods. 

The opening up of Ladakh to the outside world in the late 70s and early 80s saw the gradual introduction of modern methods such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc. This resulted in the slow decline of organic and sustainable farming practices. Agriculture, which used to be the primary source of income for a family, now took a back seat owing to the rapid growth of tourism in the region. Youths from many villages moved to the towns in search of easy money, thus abandoning traditional agricultural practices and knowledge. 

With the global call for organic agricultural produce, organic farming practices are on their way to making a gradual and steady comeback in Ladakh. Given Ladakh’s history, we  believe it has the potential to become a hub for organic farming in the years to come. The local government has made several commitments to transform Ladakh into a fully organic state. Moreover, with Ladakh’s fragile environment and ecological sensitivity, organic farming is the true way forward. It helps conserve water resources, reduce soil erosion and maintain soil fertility. As for the health benefits of organic products, those are known and accepted worldwide.

We at Ladakh Orchards pledge to restore Ladakh to its former glory, transforming our home into an epitome of organic, sustainable agriculture. 

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