Our Produce & Practice

At Ladakh Orchards, we want you to experience Ladakh like Ladakhis—no matter where you are in the world! We offer exquisite, premium products naturally grown in Ladakh, and experiences immersing you in the tender, traditional agricultural practices of Ladakh.

Our farmers tenderly harvest the land’s produce in the brief agricultural season—soon after the barren valley is enveloped in blossoms and starts bearing fruits. Our products are sun-dried over a period of around 2 months, without the use of any machinery or artificial heat. We proudly uphold this age-old tradition to maintain the natural nutrient composition of the fruits. All our products are all natural and chemical free, and are packed at above 9,000 ft to finally come to you: our valued customers.

We also offer curated experiences in centuries-old family orchards—day tours, short and long-term stays, as your time allows. Depending on the season when you visit, you get to walk through barley, wheat, and buckwheat fields, pluck fruits and harvest farm yield, learn sun-drying techniques and traditional customs, greet and feed our cattle, don traditional clothes, and indulge in traditional food and beverages.

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