Fresh Halman Apricots | All Natural & Chemical Free | 500g

The freshest of Ladakh’s premium apricots, shipped within a few hours after harvest!

Next available in Summer 2024! Because we only give you 100% natural, season’s fresh apricots.


Ladakh is a high-altitude Himalayan desert known for its breathtaking landscapes. But one of its hidden treasures is its apricots which flourish in the harsh local environment, making the region the largest producer of apricots in the country. 

Ladakh Orchards is thrilled to bring to you the finest fruit produce from the towering valleys of Ladakh. These apricots are nature’s gifts—nurtured magically by the cold and dry climate of the region. As the apricot ripens to perfection during the fleeting summer months, they develop a tantalizing balance of sweetness and tanginess that will awaken your taste buds like never before. Farmers at Ladakh Orchards handpick each apricot at the peak of ripeness, ensuring you receive only the finest and freshest of the harvest. Our apricots are naturally grown and are known for their sweetness, high nutritional value, and no chemicals! 

For generations, apricot farming has been an integral part of Ladakhi life, sustaining families and communities despite climate extremities. By indulging in these apricots, you become part of this timeless legacy and contribute to the livelihood of Ladakh’s small farmer-families.

Apricots contain: Vitamin A and C, Calcium, Iron, Carbohydrates, Amino Acids, Sugar and Potassium.

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